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Renowned for its industry expertise and excellent reputation, Besgrade Products has earned the trust of many local and international customers.
  • For the domestic market, the company is one of the largest suppliers of plywood for the building and construction industry as well as the furniture manufacturers.

  • For the international markets, Besgrade Products ships export-grade plywood to customers in the Asian region, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Europe, the Scandinavian countries and the Middle East.
Empowering successful customers
We believe that investing in our clients’ success is the winning formula for everyone. It is with this firm belief that the company strives to create successful clients by:
  1. Focusing on Long-term Partnership – Every order or request is an opportunity for us to get to know the client better. This customer-centric approach allows Besgrade Products to build a sustainable long-term partnership with its clients.
  2. Providing Business Continuity – We understand the importance of business continuity; hence, every process of the company is geared towards ensuring that our clients get a reliable and continuous supply of products and service .
  3. Excellent Customer Experience – Our clients’ experience with Besgrade Products is as important as achieving excellence in our product quality. It is the wonderful customer experience that provides total peace of mind for our clients, who stay with us through the years.
Expanding to serve growing needs of customers

In order to deliver what our clients expect of us, Besgrade Products ensures that we have the logistics to adequately support the needs and demands of our growing clientele.

In addition to the headquarters in Alor Setar, Kedah, the company has expanded its operation to raise its production capacity with three production sites:
1. Tanah Merah, Kelantan production facility
2. Gua Musang, Kelantan production facility
3. Hutan Melintang, Perak production facility

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