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With the intensifying effects of global warming as a result of overdevelopment, it is more crucial than ever to preserve our living environment. A major part of our ecosystem consists of forests. Hence, it is critical that the remaining forests are harvested for its resources in a responsible manner for long-term sustainable.
Our Commitment
This criterion precedes over the company’s approach to conducting its business. This commitment is evident from the environmental certifications the company has obtained which include:
The Programme for the Endorsement of Forest (PEFC) Certification-Chain of Custody (PEFC-COC) Certification
PEFC certification endorses that Besgrade Products procures material and manufactures products from sustainably managed forests. This certification is awarded based on adherence to internationally accepted inter-governmental conventions and guidelines.
The Forest Stewardship Council – Chain of Custody (FSC-COC) Certification
This certification confirms that Besgrade Products only uses raw materials from legal, uncontroversial and sustainable sources. This means timbers are only obtained from well managed sustainable forests.
Our Approach
Passionate about maintaining a sustainable future, Besgrade Products is committed to reduce forest logging by:
Using plantation wood
  • The durable rubber wood is used to reduce the company’s dependence on tropical wood. The Acacia Mangium, a fast growing species, is also being developed for the use in the plywood industries.
  • Coconut palm wood harvested from old and low-yielding trees in coconut plantations are being used to make concrete panel.
  • Oil palm wood is another option. The use of this wood also contributes to the company’s green efforts to reduce open burning of such wood.
Oriented Strand Board (OSB) production line (Introduced in end-2011)
Produced from plywood production by-products and other waste materials such as sawmill residue, weak wood and pre-sorted untreated recycled wood, the OSB board is an innovative green product with a plywood surface appearance and acceptable strength properties manufactured using less good wood.
Latest Certifications
> CARB Certification
> Australian Standards: AS 6669
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Material Safety Data Sheets
- MR Plywood
- Phenolic Film Overlaid Plywood
- WBP Plywood
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