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European Plywood includes commercial plywood, marine plywood and phenolic surface filmed plywood.
  Commercial plywood is CE-certified which means the plywood meets the standards for wood products that are used as construction materials in European Union countries. Besgrade Products’ commercial plywood are manufactured according to the above standards and tested according to EN 13986.
  Marine plywood is treated to resist rotting in a high-moisture environment. Each wood veneer has negligible core gap, limiting water trappings in the wood. This plywood is often used in the construction of docks and boats. Besgrade Products’ marine plywood is compliant with the British standard BS 1088.
  Phenolic surface filmed plywood is made by bonding resin-impregnated paper sheets onto one or both surfaces of specially engineered plywood panels. The overlay provides a smoother finish and allows the plywood to be stripped easily from the concrete and permit multiple reuses of the panels.
Japanese Plywood - JAS (Japanese Agricultural Standard) Plywood concrete panel plywood used in building construction. It is tested and audited by third party JAS auditor (RCB – Registered Certification Body), in compliance with Technical Criteria for the Certification of Manufacturer of Plywood of JAS.
  Concrete panel plywood is used for concrete forming works to obtain a given shape of concrete in building construction. Besgrade Products’ Japanese plywood uses a special bonding glue for adhering veneer together to form plywood which makes the wood most suitable for places with high humidity such as in tropical countries.
Advantages of Besgrade Product's Plywood
  1. Besgrade Products’ high quality plywood is resistance to cracking, breaking, shrinkage, twisting and warping.
  2. The low wood moisture content enables our plywood to be used in both indoor and outdoor environment.
  3. The company has a wide range of plywood to cater to the different needs of our clients.
  4. Our products have been certified for use in building construction, furniture making, flooring, roofing, scaffolding, concrete paneling as well as building docks and boats.
  5. One distinct feature of Besgrade Products’ plywood is that it is made from Malaysian tropical hardwood renowned for its premium quality and strength.
  6. Tropical plywood has higher density, strength and more even layers compared to softwood plywood making it the most preferred choice for heavy duty use.
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