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As part of a complete customer experience that we offer our clients, Besgrade Products is constantly finding new ways to satisfy our clients beyond their needs and requirements.

Being an experienced player in the plywood industry, Besgrade Products has an insider’s knowledge on the different business and operational needs of the various industries that uses our plywood products. Based on these insights, Besgrade Products is able to deliver the additional service that is well-appreciated by the company’s loyal clients. Some of these services include:

Company’s Own Loading Dock

Before the shipment is sent out by conventional vessels through Port Klang or Penang, the plywood products are packed into large containers. With its own loading dock, our employees are able to personally supervise the packing and shipment stuffing into the individual containers.

This will ensure that the products are properly packed to minimize damage during shipment. Hence, our clients have peace of mind that they will receive their shipment of goods in the best possible condition.

Customized Packaging For Varies Needs
Besgrade Products understands that the different industries that use our plywood products have different requirements. These requirements may differ in terms of how the product is packaged or labeled; and the exact measurement of the plywood pieces. To cater to these varying needs, Besgrade Products can customize the products’ packaging to suit different clients.
Clients in the furniture making industry may need their plywood to be cut to a certain size. We have the machinery that can cut the plywood to our clients’ precise measurements.   Our company also labels the plywood pieces with the clients’ barcode so that the goods can be sold straightaway upon arrival at the clients’ store.
Our Lab / R&D Centre

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