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CE Certification (Export Standards)
This certification means that the company’s wood products meet the stringent requirements of Constructive Productive Directives for use in the construction sector in the EU countries. Our plywood undergo additional tests for the intended use as structural plywood for floor and roof decking on joists as well as wall sheating on studs for internal and external conditions.
The JAS Certification
The JAS certification ascertains that Besgrade Products’ plywood products are fit for use in Japan. The products have been inspected in accordance with the Japan Agricultural Standard (JAS Standards).
Australia Standards
The company’s plywood products is certified to comply with the F-17 of F-grading of Stress Grade and Mechanical Properties of AS 6669:2007, a standard for all building construction plywood used in Australia and New Zealand.
California Air Regulation Board (CARB) Certification
This certification ensures that the plywood formaldehyde emission of Besgrade Products’ plywood for export to USA is in compliance with the CARB standard to protect plywood end users from exposure to formaldehyde pollution which is a health hazard.
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