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Besgrade Products uses Japanese machinery which is most suitable for processing logs in the region including Malaysian timber. Our factory is semi-automated to maintain consistency in top product quality and high level of efficiency. Here are some of the machinery the company is currently using:
Yamamoto Fully Automatic Phenolic Line, Medium or High Density Overlay Overlaying Press Line

This machine is used to produce export grade phenolic film faced plywood for international markets. It is fully automatic and computerized to minimize the risk of human errors in producing defective plywood as well as workplace accidents.

Meinan S-BAL-DC-4N-E

The Meinan S-BAL is designed to peel veneer from logs that are difficult or impossible to process on a conventional lathe. It guarantees high veneer quality, optimum drying efficiency and ultimately high product yield per hectare of forest, which helps to preserve our forest and conserve energy.

Yamamoto 45 Openings APT Hot-press

This hot-press machine is renowned for its reliability. Fully automatic and computerized, it produces high quality plywood and reduces risk of accidents for our workers. This high capacity machine boasts a low running cost advantage.

EN-303 Smart In-line Dryer Veneer Moisture Contents Control System

This industrial computerized system enables the continuous and automatic fine control of the net dryer speed to achieve the accurate desired veneer moisture content. This reduces rejects during production and defects on application.

Super Automatic Vertical Knife Grinder - Toyo KGV-SF22

This machine adopts state-of-the-art grinding technology to automatically maintain the razor sharpness of cutting knives. This ensures consistent production of high quality veneer sheets.

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