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Well-trusted and Dependable
  • Besgrade Products has a solid reputation as a reliable and trustworthy plywood manufacturer. The company always delivers the products according to clients’ specifications. Quality checks on products are conducted diligently to ensure that our clients get what they want.
Full Confidence
  • Understanding the implications of product defects to our clients, Besgrade Products allows our clients to claim for any defective plywood. All defective products will be replaced, giving clients full confidence in the company.
Excellent Delivery Service
  • Meeting our clients’ deadline is of utmost importance to us. Hence, no efforts are spared to ensure that our clients’ goods are delivered on a timely basis. We help our clients monitor their shipment to ensure its safe arrival.
Long-term Collaborating Partner
  • At Besgrade Products, we constantly work closely with our clients to build a long-term relationship by getting to know their specific needs based on their unique nature of business. That way, the company is able to tailor to the clients’ special requirements to ensure that they are getting things done the way they want it.
Low Defects in Goods Delivered
  • With its own container loading facility, Besgrade Products can supervise and monitor the packing and loading of goods before delivery to ensure that the goods arrive at the clients’ place in excellent condition. We guarantee low defects in products delivered to facilitate clients’ business continuity.
Total Peace of Mind
  • The company’s excellent tracking and recording mastery means that all logs used to produce the plywood can be traced to sustainable and legal sources. This is well supported by third party industry certifications, giving our clients peace of mind that their reputation will not be challenged by environmental groups.
High Quality Production
  • Heavy investment in technology and product innovation by the company translates to high quality production. Besgrade Products will stop at nothing to give our clients the best in quality.
Variety of Products
  • Being a one-stop supplier of plywood, Besgrade Products offers a wide variety of plywood products of different grades. Hence, our clients can rely on us for all their plywood needs.
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