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Besgrade Products is dedicated to provide its customers and business partners total peace of mind through its ethical business practices. The company is committed to maintain a valid and legitimate chain of custody system to ensure that all its plywood products are obtained from sustainable sources and are fully certified by third party bodies.
Being a responsible plywood manufacturer, Besgrade Products maintains a strict policy to only purchase timber logs from legal sources. Stringent steps are taken to trace and document all the origins of the logs to protect the interest of its buyers.
Besgrade Products’ environmental conservation initiatives extend over to purchasing timber from loggers who practice sustainable forest management. These initiatives not only preserve the forest, but also protect the livelihood of the habitat, tribes and animals, creating a sustainable future for everyone.
All Besgrade’s plywood products are recognized for its superior quality by various certification bodies. The company is continuously innovating on its products through its investment in cutting-edge manufacturing technology to guarantee that our customers are getting the best in the industry.
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