Our production capacity
is over 15,000m3 per month
with more than 1500
multi-ethnic workers


Besgrade Plywood

Besgrade Plywood Sdn Bhd based in Pokok Sena, Alor Setar Kedah in Northern Peninsular Malaysia was established in 1997 as a family owned company and started as a small scale veneer producer.

In a short span of just 10 years our company has expanded to become one of the largest plywood manufacturer in Peninsular Malaysia, supplying various types of plywood both for the domestic and international markets.

Maintaining Legal Diligence

Excellent Quality

Product Innovation

International Certification

Environmentally Responsible

Safety First


A more durable species is selected  to ensure our Marine plywood  is able to resist rotting in a high-moisture environment. Each wood veneer has negligible core gap, limiting water trappings in the wood….


Is made from rubberwood core (Hevea brasiliensis) and decorated with Birch veneer. Rubber wood is usually known as environmentally friendly due to its function as a plantation tree that has already served a useful function in the production of latex….


In order to ensure the supper inherent strength and bonding quality, Besgrade has implemented a stricter requirements in the selection of timber species which exhibit high strength in the production of structural plywood….


Our general plywood or Ordinary Plywood meets the standards for wood products and exhibit the characteristics of being flat, dimensionally stable, durable, and of high precision, making it suitable to be used in both exterior and interior applications….

Phenolic Surface
Filmed Plywood

Is made by bonding resin-impregnated paper sheets onto one or both surfaces of specially engineered plywood panels….


Is used for concrete forming works to obtain a given shape of concrete in building construction….

Floor Base

Our floor base plywood are the perfect choice for any interior application….